Recipe books and health gurus will often tell you that anything below 70% cocoa solids isn’t worth looking at. Are they right, though?

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Chocolate is uniquely interesting. It’s one of the most dichotomous foodstuffs that human beings have ever discovered and created.

At one end of the scale you have dark chocolate. Some call it the only kind of chocolate. You’ll see it used in high end restaurants and prized patisseries, boasting its strength and bittersweet flavour. Similarly, you’ll see militant health bloggers and passionate vegans discuss the nutritional benefits of eating it regularly.

At the other end of the…

It was the most downloaded app of 2020, and only seems to be growing in use and popularity. But how can YOU grow on TikTok?

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Many still seem to think TikTok is for kids or people with minute attention spans. Just as many found themselves happily dissolving hours of their time into the app during the lockdown restrictions of 2020. Whatever your view of this semi-controversial platform, you can’t deny its growth.

TikTok’s growth has turned the heads of influencers, brands, and businesses, all eager to investigate whether this app is the new school of fame and fortune. …

Between social media, lifestyle trends, and constant pressure to lose weight, some of us don’t even know what food we actually like any more.

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Food is fuel. But before that, it’s a way to nourish our bodies. But before that, it’s a means for humans to gather and socialise. But before that, it’s a means to stave off those pesky hunger pangs. But before that, it’s a new picture for your feed or video for your story.

Making decisions regarding our diets is more complicated now than ever before. Our supermarkets can paralyse us with choice, meal delivery apps make…

Publishing words online can feel futile at times, but what if you could find a way to make some money as a small-time blogger?

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You’ve got a blog. You like writing, publishing and sharing. Perhaps you’re a bit shy about it, or you love telling everyone in sight all about your work. Either way, blogging can be a happy hobby, or it can become a way to add reliable income streams to your bank account.

Is it actually realistic to expect earnings from your blog? Yes. Do you need thousands of readers every day? No.

Let’s take a look at…

Creating content on YouTube is now more common than ever, but that doesn’t mean that YOU can’t earn a slice of the pie too.

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15 years ago, the thought of uploading regular content to YouTube was not only uncommon, but also downright embarrassing in the eyes of many. Flash forward to the chaotic year of 2021, and people all over the world are trying their hand at becoming YouTubers. For the creativity, for the fame, for the money.

However, just as many can quickly become discouraged. Climbing the heights on a platform like YouTube isn’t as simple as publishing a…

This deep brown substance is divisive. It can be too bitter or too drying, and rarely stands up to the popularity of its creamy counterpart. How can we start to like dark chocolate?

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If I were to ask you to think of chocolate, what would you think of? Is it a sweet and creamy block of milk chocolate, or a bold shard of dark chocolate?

Here in the UK at least, milk chocolate reigns supreme. In fact, data shows that the only dark chocolate treat within the top 20 best UK confectionary is the kind that comes loaded with a…

Cooking is undoubtedly daunting. Here are some real world tips for shaking off that anxiety and learning to love it.

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Despite the consumption and absorption of food and its nutrients being fundamental to human survival, many of us don’t experience regular preparation of our own food until we are adults. Research has shown us that the earlier in life we can learn this valuable skill, the greater our confidence, cooking practices, cooking attitudes, diet quality (with the exception of fibre intake where adult learners were higher) and health. …

Grocery shopping can take a big bite out of your monthly earnings, here are some ways you can reduce it without reducing joy at the same time.

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Do not despair. This is not an article to detail the benefits of extreme couponing, scouring the internet for cashback deals, or going to 5 different shops in one day to bargain hunt. We do not have to be utterly miserable to save money when grocery shopping.

This article simply exists as a product of personal experience in trying to live within one’s means without a) being broke or b) being bored and…

Does a liquid detox make us feel better, or just leave us broke and unsatisfied?

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A whole day without solid food is an unappealing prospect for many of us.

Finding the energy to power through a whole day of just being alive seems almost impossible without regular meals and snacks. Obviously, there’s that whole part of it just being a bit bloody miserable too.

However, despite our obvious human requirement for food, and our emotional attachments to it, the juice cleanse (or juice fast) is still a popular short-term diet. …

From the guilt of giving in to hunger, to the full public disclaimer that precedes a mouthful of cake, we need to stop.

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Many of us are exposed to the wretched guilt of eating, alongside the enjoyment of eating, from the early years of our existence. Perhaps you were one of the children chastised for scoffing down meals and snacks in quick succession. Maybe your families were an on-and-off dieters whose dinners were either remarkably small and unappetising or plates piled high with edible comfort. …

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